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Here at Stepping Stones Women's Center, we strive to give you our full appointments are required for fittings and/or consultations.  Our certified fitter, Leigh Ann Volz, CFM has 17 years of experience in breast care, lymphedema, and wig fittings.  

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to complete any necessary paperwork.  If you are unable to make your appointment, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice so that we may help another client.

Please see below for required information and fitting suggestions to make your appointment run as smoothly as possible...

If you have any questions about any of the following information, please contact a member of our staff.  

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Insurance Billing

In order to bill your insurance for covered supplies we must have a valid prescription signed by a healthcare provider you have seen within the last 12 months.  It MUST detail all the items that you need... For Example, if the prescription reads "bra" then we can only provide 1 bra under your insurance.  If the provider needs more information, they can contact our office.  We can NOT contact your physician for you as it is considered "soliciting" by insurance companies.  

[Some insurance plans require additional documentation such as referrals from your PCP, authorizations, detailed orders and/or medical records that we request from your provider.]

When you call for your appointment, we will collect your personal, insurance, and health information.  Please have ALL of your insurance cards and prescription available. (If you have a Medicare Advantage plan we must have your Medicare # (the new Red, White, & Blue card, to check your insurance coverage).

***Please remember that the information we ask for is required for insurance billing.  If you'd rather not provide these details, you always have the option to pay out of pocket for your supplies.***

Please make sure you have the following...

  • Valid state issued photo ID (driver's license or identification card.
  • ALL of your insurance cards.  If you have a Medicare or Medicaid product, we need ALL of your cards in order to bill your insurance.
  • Your prescription if we don't already have it.
  • Payment for out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-insurance, upgrades, retail options,fashion consultation fee if applicable, etc.  See below for details.

Breast Care Fittings

Breast Care fittings are suitable 6-8 weeks after drain removal for many reasons. Healing, swelling, blood-born pathogens, intolerable pressure are just a few. In addition, if you are beginning or undergoing radiation treatments, silicone breast prosthetics are usually not comfortable as they can produce heat and moisture on the chest wall which could lead to infection or other reactions.

If you are not completely done with healing and/or radiation and have had a full mastectomy, we may be able to fit you with a temporary fabric-based breast form to get you through this time.

Our goal is to fit you with just the right prosthesis and bras to suit your body and lifestyle. Please help us...

  • Don't wear excessive deodorant, powder, or fragrances to your appointment.  
  • Wear or bring your favorite bra with you.
  • Wear a top easy to get on & off. No dresses please.
  • Wear something you would generally dress in.  Whether you wear T-Shirts or dress blouses, be comfortable so we can fit you appropriately.

Post Op Fittings

Having breast cancer surgery can be a harrowing experience for many women.  Not having information to make this time as comfortable as possible can be frustrating...

You can make an appointment for a consultation prior to or after your surgery to get information about all of your choices and what to expect.  We happily work with your surgeon's office to provide the post-op garment that is suitable for your particular surgical plan.

Some hospitals provide post-op garments, but many do not.  Ask your surgeon how your drains will be managed (instead of pinning them to your panties!).  A post-op camisole provides drain management, support and comfort following breast surgery.

Remember, being informed is the key to feeling in control during this difficult time.

Wig Fittings

There is no RIGHT time to prepare for a wig.  The most important thing is that it's the right time for YOU.  

FAQ's about Wig Fittings...

  • You DO NOT need to wait until you have lost your hair to be fitted for a wig... In fact, it's easier to communicate color and style if you wear your hair the way you prefer to your appointment.
  • If you are fitted with the right style, it shouldn't need to be cut!!  (Well, except maybe the bangs). Our fitter, Leigh Ann Volz, has 17 years specializing in wig fittings!
  • We keep a wide selection of wigs in stock to provide a thorough consultation.  If we don't have the right style, color, or size for you, it only takes up to a week to get your special order.
  • We only stock high-quality, lightweight, synthetics wigs as they are most appropriate for women going through chemotherapy.  However, we can special order human hair wigs if that is your choice.  Keep in mind though that human hair can be heavier, much more complicated to care for, and much more expensive than synthetic wigs.
  • Some insurance plans provide coverage for wigs if you are going through cancer treatment. Medicare and Medicaid do NOT provide coverage.  If you have Medicare plus a secondary insurance that is NOT a supplement (i.e. Anthem Federal) you can call to see if they will provide coverage.  In some cases you may need to pay for your wig and be reimbursed by your insurance. When you call member services, ask for coverage & benefits for procedure code is A9282 (Wig, Any Type).

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