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A Truly Personal Approach to Care...Our Story

Stepping Stones Women's Center is a women's healthcare facility & breast cancer boutique meeting the needs of cancer survivors in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We have been accredited by the American Board of Certification. Initially awarded a three-year accreditation, the highest honor that can be achieved by a facility, we continue to maintain the highest standards required for our facility exceeding the expectations with perfect scores. Our facility is also HIPAA compliant so we treat all your personal information with utmost confidentiality. 

Stepping Stones Women's Center, LLC was born in 2005, but the vision for creating a caring, compassionate breast care facility had long been anticipated by our owner Leigh Ann Volz, CFM and her mother Peggy Norris, following their own personal experiences with breast cancer. 

Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2002 at the age of 54 with no family history of the disease. It was quite a shock to Peggy and her family... but she bravely went through her surgery and treatment. Peggy is doing great and is excited to be able to provide a positive experience to her survivor sisters. She teamed up with her daughter, Leigh Ann Volz, CFM, to create Stepping Stones Women's Center. Prior to retiring from the business in 2014, Peggy dealt with the business issues and customer service. While enjoying the flexibility to travel and spend time with her husband, Peggy is still involved in the heart of Stepping Stones specializing in Insurance Billing and Patient Accounting. 

After her mother's diagnosis, Leigh left her corporate sales job and went to work for the prosthetics company that Peggy went to for her post-mastectomy supplies. After working there for a couple of years under the supervision of a highly-qualified mentor, Leigh and Peggy decided to create a facility of their own in which a woman can restore her balance and image and replenish her spirit. 

At Stepping Stones, it is so important to us that our ladies feel at home and cared for!  In addition to a thorough and positive experience with your fitting, you're likely to get a warm hug or a hearty laugh... 

Our Team

Leigh Ann Volz, CFM

 Leigh Ann Volz, CMF, is accredited by the (ABCOP) American Board of Certification of Orthotics and Prosthetics in Mastectomy.  The Scope Of Practice under ABCOP includes not only training hours, testing, and Continuing Education requirements, it also requires an educational piece to ensure you are well cared for.  Leigh Ann's major at VCU was in psychology, which comes in handy during breast care or wig fittings.

She has 17 years of experience in fitting clients not only with bras and breast forms, but also with compression garments and beautiful wigs. 

Leigh Ann spends her free time with her loving husband, her family and friends.  Her daughter, Marisa is part of the Stepping Stones team as well.

Peggy Norris

Peggy Norris, the matriarch of the team, co-founded Stepping Stones Women's Center after her breast cancer diagnosis.  She retired as a state employee years ago, but is busier than ever with Stepping Stones, her church, and many community groups/projects.

Peggy and her husband love to travel!  She shares her infectious laugh with her family, friends and our clients.  She has 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson. 

Peggy's favorite addition to the Stepping Stones menu is her ABC Custom-Fabricated Breast Prosthesis.  After an intense surgery, she's finally found a breast prosthesis that fits her perfectly.

Olivia Faber

Olivia Faber has been with Stepping Stones Women's Center for over 2 years serving in many capacities.  Olivia is likely to be answering your call, checking your insurance and obtaining necessary documents from your physician's office.  

Olivia is a graduate of Hanover High and is a critical part of the Stepping Stones' team.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  Olivia's sweet and caring spirit and experience in customer service with all age groups,  is vital to our office in ensuring that our ladies are properly cared for.

Marisa Thurston

Marisa Thurston has grown up in Stepping Stones as she was only 8 when her mother & grandmother opened the boutique.  You will most likely speak with Marisa when you schedule your appointment or need questions answered.

Marisa is also a Hanover High graduate and is currently studying Business Administration.  When she's not at work or school, Marisa is either in the gym, playing softball or hanging out with her friends.  Her retail, customer service & management experience are a critical part of making Stepping Stones all that it can be.

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